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Hi. I'm DannyS712. My homewiki is en-wiki, with my main user page at w:en:User:DannyS712. If you need to reach me, please see that user page (w:en:User talk:DannyS712).

I write user scripts, and will make one for you if you ask me to.

Outside of the english wikipedia, I am a rollbacker at the simple wikipedia and have written a gadget for the galician wikipedia (w:gl:MediaWiki:Gadget-Marcadorcurtos.js). I have also written a user script, m:User:DannyS712/Subcategories.js (documentation at w:en:User:DannyS712/Subcategories) to expand subcategories when viewing a category, per the request at m:Community Wishlist Survey 2019/Categories/Button to show subcategories, and am working on another for global watchlists.

I enjoy translating pages - I usually translate from English to Spanish, but in a pinch help out with translations to Hebrew or, more rarely, Chinese.