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EN:Hello, I am Cohaf. Please feel free to approach me for any help or issues regarding my editing. You may leave a note on my talkpages (meta or projects). I do hold some additional rights such as transwiki importer on Chinese Wikivoyage. Do approach me if you need any help. Do note that I may not be replying that soon due to health issues. If I wrongly rollback an edit, do tell me. I need to know I'm wrong. Thanks.

中文:您好,我是Cohaf。我非常乐意讨论任何有关中文维基媒体项目的课题,请多多多切磋指教。谢谢! 请于我的讨论页面留言。如果有任何维基学院/维基导游的导入要求,请联络我。

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